About Us

EnviroWashout is the only concrete washout solution that prevents nearly 100% of rainwater and groundwater contamination throughout the building process with its patent pending close-loop wastewater recycling, treatment and handling technology.

Waste Crete Systems, LLC provides the technology, on-site service and support, as well as concrete wastewater filtering and removal. Once removed, all concrete wastewater is treated and then reintroduced back into one of the EnviroWashout units, which will be used to clean concrete equipment over and over again. This process allows companies to reduce both the liabilities and expenses associated with onsite concrete wastewater handling.

EnviroWashout is the brainchild of inventor Ricki Abney Sr. As Founder and President of Waste Crete Systems, LLC., Ricki has spent 35 years in the post tension concrete industry.

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