EnviroWashout Solution

How does concrete washout affect our environment, and most specifically our waterways?

The overwhelming and increasing amount of concrete production is why construction sites have been identified by the EPA as a hazard due to the high potential for urban runoff pollution. Concrete washout is caustic and can contain alkalinity levels as high as a pH of 12. Water with high alkaline levels becomes toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

In addition to the environmental impact, another equally important factor to consider is our natural water supply. In a time when states are fighting over water rights and our natural water supply is dwindling at an alarming rate, we need to do everything possible to not only protect the current water supply, but also conserve it. The EnviroWashout system provides an easy and cost-effective way to help win this fight.

The EnviroWashout system provides an environmentally safe alternative to the dumping of concrete waste water at job sites and ready-mix plant yards.

EnviroWashout addresses and provides a solution to:

  • Urban runoff pollution caused by concrete wastewater contamination of storm drains
  • Overflow, leakage, and rainwater contamination that occurs with self-installed washout pits and other open washout containers
  • Conservation of our natural water supply.